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Industry: Gliding Software Development

Avgust 2020, Client: RC electronics d.o.o., Development of Electronic Devices for Gliding & Modeling

Vario navigation systeme for gliding planes.

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TASK:GUI Design, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Printed and Digital Material
ROLE:UX & UI Designer, Graphic Designer
TOOLS:Pen & Paper, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop


  • Intermediate sketches on paper,
  • low-fidelity wireframes in Figma,
  • high fidelity screen designs in Figma,
  • Design System and Atoms in Figma,
  • icons and graphical design in Adobe Illustrator & Figma,
  • support for the programer,
  • simulator manual design and product manual design,
  • product packaging design ...


Main project goal was to create a unique User Friendly GUI that stands out.

Since the company was stepping into a new market field, it was our focus to create an attractive User Interface and even better User Experience. Creating good UX for different types of users, supported by structured, clean and attractive UI, were goals for easing user task flows in the air and building Unique selling proposal of a product and Brand Identity.

Work process


This project was very interesting from start. Not only it was a project for a new client, but also a totally new field and media.

Since working in a new field, learning and researching were a great deal of the project. With a client that had professional experience in programming similar products and also knows the field very well, has a solid goal, it was a pleasurable journey.

Through careful research and analysis there were recognised main challanges:

  • create a bridge between analogue and digital,
  • best user experience for different types of pilots,
  • provide solution of readability on a relatively small screen,
  • creating task flows that are intuitive and simple for the targeted users and are in the range of the technical capabilities of the device,
  • creating a User Interface Design that "works" in the environment and typical situations: light, fat reacting requiered.
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Parallel to understanding goals it was building and understanding main personas/user types. There were recognized two types of users by situation and two types of users by personal characteristics / needs.


The uniqueness of the product starts with its shape and size, to add value it was important to design a GIU with a layout that uses the space as best as possible and a clean and well-segmented Design System.

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Atoms, design system ...

After a solid basic layout idea that works for whole product, started a search for a suitable Typography and began a Design sistem formation.


COLOUR: Since final products will be two a software simulator on the computer and software for a specific screen of a device implemented in gliding plane, there was a challenge to chose colours that will be functional for both, respecting limited colours that provide good visibility and contrast on the device.

TAYPOGRAPHY: The client had in mind specific typography for units, since some units take a lot of space. With a typography selection, layout and design, it was achieved that we did not need to use different typography for the units, and so the consistency of design was not interrupted.

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Final examples of screen mockups

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Marketing material

After the conclusion of the GUI Design project, I also helped in marketing material concepts and created the design of the materials.

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Several preeorders.
100 % positive user Feedback.

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Customer opinion

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Working with Petra was pretty special. Although we had a very good idea of how our product should look, we were always happy to await Petras solution. Here designs lifted the level of the visual presentation of a step or two. She definitely sticks to her ideas and visual guidelines and uses them throughout the project. From the initial concept idea, there were actually no major corrections and we got all the designs within the agreed deadline. We are looking forward to working with here on future challenges.

Andrej Vrečer, CEO at RC Electronics d.o.o.